School Holiday Academies


Below are most of the frequently asked questions we get from our parent customers. If the answer to your question or query is not listed below, please feel free to contact us at and a member of our team will get back to you within 3 working days.


When, What & Who?

WHEN?  Every school holiday, half-term and school INSET.

WHAT?  Multi-Sports and Multi-Activity Academy for boys and girls aged 4.5 to 12.

WHO?  All of our Buzzers Academies are run and managed by highly experienced sports coaches and qualified teachers. 

What does an average Academy day look like?

Because all of our staff come from school based PE teaching backgrounds, we do not have timetable of events at any of our Academies. Our Academies are very much child lead, with the emphasis on trying new sports and activities, whilst building confidence and developing leadership skills. A rough guide to an Academy day would be as follows -

8.30am:  Extended Day children arrive & register. All children go straight in to a full group game on arrival.

9.00am:  First Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

10.00am:  Academy Day children arrive and register. All children go straight in to a full group game on arrival.

10.30am:  Academy rules explained and details of the day discussed with children.

10.45am:  Second Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

11.30am:  Break & supervised free play.

11.45am:  Third Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

12.30pm:  Lunch

1.15pm:  Fourth Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

2.00pm:  Fifth Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

3.00pm:  Break & supervised free play.

3.15pm:  Sixth Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

4.00pm:  Academy Day children are collected. All remaining children continue previous sport.

4.15pm:  Seventh Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

5.00pm:  Eighth Sport/Activity (full group or small groups).

5.30pm:  Extended Day children collected. ACADEMY END.

What is Class4Kids?

Class4Kids is our secure online booking system. It is a subscription based system, which means some aspects of your booking screen we have no control over e.g. terminology and layout. Once you have registered for your free Class4Kids account, you simply log in every time you wish to make a Buzzers booking.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for sibling bookings. The discount is automatically added at the checkout. Parents are advised that booking multiple children that are not siblings, will not qualify for the discount.

My child has SEN, can they still attend?

Yes. Because all of our staff work full-time as school based PE tutors, we are all experienced in working with children with SEN and adapting our sessions accordingly to ensure inclusion and individual development. No child should be excluded from sport and physical activity.

Can I book individual days?

Yes. Our flexible booking package means that you can book individual days and aren't tied in to booking full weeks.

How can I amend my booking?

Simply email with your required changes and we will do the rest! You will see the changes when you next log on to your Class4Kids account. Please contact us if you wish to add/remove days or add/remove early drop-offs and late pick-ups.

What should my child wear?

Children should wear sports clothing and rubber soled trainers. We also advise that children bring an outdoor coat. Weather dependent, you may also wish to pack a spare set of clothes. We strongly advise that jewelry is not worn to our Academies and that your child's clothing is comfortable to wear whilst playing sport and other physical activities. All lost property is kept for 1 week after the end of each Academy and then donated to a local charity shop and/or children's charity.

Is food provided?

No. Children should have their own packed lunch and refillable water bottle. We also advise children to have a couple of extra snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks.

We have a strict 'no sharing' food policy which can be found in the Oftsed section of this website.

Other than Sport, what else do you offer?

At all of our Academies, our tutors can provide the following non-sports activities -

  • Gymnastics

  • Dance

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Drama

  • Leadership Games

  • 'Special Events'

What are 'Special Events'?

During most of our school holiday Academies, we run several 'Special Events'. These are run by external staff who are highly qualified and vastly experienced in the sport/activity that they teach. Our 'Special Events' include -

  • Archery

  • Boxing

  • Fencing

  • Circus Skills

  • Sand Art

  • First Aid Courses

  • Taekwondo

  • Paralympic Events

  • Pottery Workshops

  • Police Workshops

  • Hairdressing Workshops

All of our 'Special Events' are booked and paid for on arrival to the Academy. Payment for these events is paid in cash or Tokens.

Can I drop off and collect my child outside of the Academy hours?

Yes. If you plan to drop off your child later then the Academy start time (10am start only), then this is no problem. At all of our venues, the school gate will be closed and locked approximately half hour after the Academy start time, therefore you may have to call our Academy mobile to get yourself buzzed in.

If you plan to collect your child earlier then the scheduled Academy finish time, then you must notify our staff beforehand. Alternatively, you can email and a message will be passed to the relevant Academy.

Can I stay and watch?

Parents are strongly advised not to stay unless there is a medical reason to do so. If your child arrives to our Academy upset or anxious, our staff will invite you to sit and watch the fist few minutes of whatever game the children are playing. Parents will not be able to come in to the hall/playground/pitch where the children are playing, but all of our Academies have suitable viewing areas.