How Buzzers Operates

Everything you need to know about our School Holiday Buzzers Academies.


1.  Sign up for your free Class4Kids account.

(Class4Kids is a nationally recognised online booking system which we have bought into).​ CLICK HERE

2.  Choose your required venue (the current venues will be listed on the booking form), then choose your required dates, then choose your required times...then click 'Book'!

3.  The next screen you will see shows confirmation of your booking and will prompt you for payment.

You now have 2 options -

PAY NOW: You can pay by debit/credit card or bank transfer. Debit/credit card payments will automatically be credited to your Class4Kids account (and create a £zero balance on your booking). Bank transfer payments will be updated on to your Class4Kids account within a few days.

CHILDCARE VOUCHERS: We accept payment by Childcare Vouchers and are registered with all major providers (CLICK HERE for our full list of providers and the references you'll need for payment). Childcare Voucher payments usually take 3-5 working days to reach us, so your Class4Kids account will be updated within 1 to 2 weeks of you making the payment. Please use your child's name as your payment reference.

4.  Once your booking is complete, you will instantly receive a booking confirmation email (showing the dates, times and venue that you have booked). This email confirmation will also have a link to our payment page (if you have closed down the web page).

At this point, you're are all booked on and your child's name will have been added to the Academy register!


When you arrive to the Academy, you will need to accompany your child to the registration desk where you will be greeted by our 'Lead' tutor. This person will tick your child's name on the register and invite them into the Academy. This is also the chance for you (the parent/guardian) to ask any questions you may have.


Your child/children will enter the Academy and be invited by our team to participate in the sport/game that is currently being played. They will put their bags and belongings on a bench (or safe place) so that they can join straight in with the activities. At 10am (when all other children arrive), they will be asked to move their bags and belongings to the designated storage area.


Your child/children will enter the Academy and be asked to put their bags and belongings in to our storage area. This is sometimes a classroom, hallway or designated area of the sports hall.

When all children have arrived, a formal welcome and Academy introduction will be conducted by our 'Lead' tutor. Children will be guided through the day's events/itinerary, be shown around the school/venue and given the opportunity to ask any questions. There will then be a full group activity, giving children the chance to make new friends and familiarise themselves with the Academy set up.

For further information on what happens during a typical Buzzers day, please visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, or CLICK HERE.


For children booked on to the Academy Day (finish time 4pm), they will be asked to gather their belongings 10-15 minutes before the end of the day so that they are ready to be collected by their parent/guardian. Occasionally, our afternoon sport/activity may slightly overrun, so children may not be packed and ready for immediate collection. In this instance, we politely ask that parents remain outside of the Academy site whilst we prepare their child/children for collection.

For children booked on to the Extended Day, because it is a flexible time option i.e. parents can collect their child any time between 4pm and 5.30pm, we only get children packed and ready once their parent/guardian arrives, meaning there may be a few minutes of waiting time.

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